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Blue Flag, a sign of commitment.

The Blue Flag has been flying at our port since 2013, symbolising the efforts and constant endeavour of our marina and its team to comply with health, safety, cleanliness and environmental management standards and to provide environmental information to all our clients.

Marina Palma Cuarentena strives to promote good practices among its users through yearly activities and campaigns raising awareness on environmental issues.

Obtain the Blue Flag for your yacht:

Any skipper or owner interested in helping us protect the environment and obtain the Blue Flag for their yacht should apply for it through the following steps:


Express your interest at Marina Palma Cuarentena reception where we will provide you all the information necessary, including the Code of Conduct at Sea.


Act scrupulously in line with the Code of Conduct, showing respect and care for the environment. Some measures included in the Code of Conduct are to set an example to other skippers and even to report the bad practices of other boats.


Marina Palma Cuarentena will send off your yacht documentation that accredits the merits of the skipper and certifies that he/she complies with the campaign obligations.


The information provided will be scrutinised by ADEAC-FEE and, if the organisation believes that the skipper is worthy of this accreditation, he/she will obtain a Blue Flag for the yacht.

Organizations to which we belong