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Our commitment to the environment

At Marina Palma Cuarentena we conduct different activities to raise awareness amongst our clients about the impact their behaviour has on our environment, whether it be when berthed, anchored or sailing.

Along with other measures, we have run information campaigns and activities where the goal is to reduce or change bad habits, encouraging the collaboration of everyone to help look after these wonderful Balearic Islands.

  • You can reduce fuel consumption with a clean hull and keeping your yacht in optimum condition.
  • Avoid polluting leakage entering the sea. Carrying out regular checks will help you detect any defect, and also potential fuel leaks, splits in hoses and connections.
  • Marina Palma Cuarentena has recycling points for you to deposit your waste. There is also a collection point for hazardous and polluting waste (engine oils, filters, cloths, batteries, contaminating cans, paints, etc.).
  • We also hand out free recycling bags to help you sort glass, paper and organic waste on board. Please ask at reception.
  • The use of water guns is recommended when the hose is connected to the water supply point. This will allow you to regulate its use.
  • Avoid leaving the water valve open when you are cleaning your yacht.
  • Use biodegradable soaps and detergents.
  • Check that hose couplings do not have any leaks and repair holes in hosepipes.
  • Notify the marina staff if you detect a leak from the mains.
  • You will save more water by showering rather than having a bath.
  • Turn off the tap while you are shaving or brushing your teeth.
  • When you wash up by hand, don’t leave the tap running.
  • If you are absent, don’t leave your boat connected to the electrical power supply.
  • Notify the marina team for its connection and disconnection.
  • Regulate the air-conditioning when it is too hot, without going below 26º.
  • During cold spells, take advantage of the heat of the sun during the day and do not let the heating go above 21º at night.

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