politica medioambiental

Learn about our environmental management policy and collaborate with us

Marina Palma Cuarentena takes maximum care of the environment with the implementation of a rigorous environmental policy whose measures always seek the involvement and participation of its clients, staff and collaborators.

Nuestra política medioambiental a su servicio
  • Marina Palma Cuarentena has selective refuse points and recycling containers (paper, glass, organic, packaging, etc.). If you cannot find them, please ask our staff.
  • There is also a collection point for contaminating products, waste oil, dirty waters, etc.
  • There are recycling bags available that we hand out freely to separate glass, paper and organic waste.
  • The marina equipment and facilities are designed to optimise the consumption of resources such as water and electricity.
  • We are registered in the Carbon Footprint Registry which helps us control and reduce our gas and carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Each year, we organise fun day events, encouraging good environmental practices that raise awareness and motivate our users to care for the environment.
  • In support of these days, the marina carries out yearly campaigns with posters and mailings to its client database.
  • Marina Palma Cuarentena has regular training and awareness-raising days for its workers.
  • We carry out emergency drills to be prepared in the event of any emergency.
  • The team cleans the water surface of the port every year as a preventative measure to avoid contaminated waters.
  • We conduct four environmental inspections a year to prevent and reduce the impact of other external factors on the environment.

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