04 March, 2022

The training vessel Kapitan Borchardt moored at Marina Palma Cuarentena on her visit to Mallorca

The training ship Kapitan Borchardt berths at Marina Palma Cuarentena during her visit in Mallorca, a brief stopover before carrying on its journey through the Mediterranean.

On board, in addition to the captain Anna Kielbik-Piwonska and the permanent crew, there are more than 30 students who have embarked on this adventure where they receive nautical education while sailing through Mediterranean waters, visiting different ports during their journey.

The Kapitan Borchardt sailing boat is a three-masted "schooner" that deploys a total of ten sails and is 34 meters in length with a maximum capacity for 60 people on board. A ship launched in 1918 first used as a freighter on routes through Northern Europe and later as a base for submarine crews in Poland during Second World War. In 2011 it was acquired by the Karol Olgierd Borchardt Foundation, a foundation created in memory of a Polish sailor and writer after whom this ship is named.

The students who travel on board take charge of the entire process, from sailing the ship to the navigation plan. This schooner requires great teamwork, even just to hoist the sails it requires between 8 or 9 people working together and at the same time, so important teamwork and capacity for effort and responsibility is required. Certainly, very important skills on the open seas!

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